There are many advantages to buying a new construction home. From getting the latest finishes to knowing your electrical systems are up-to-code, choosing to buy a new construction home can seem like an all-around great idea.

But first things first, a buyer’s agent – one with experience selling new construction homes – is a must to have on your team before you start. They will be your advocate in all the decision-making throughout the process. They can:

  • Research and match you with a builder right for you
  • Help you with a home construction loan, which is different than a traditional mortgage loan
  • Help you then convert your construction loan into a mortgage loan, or work with you to secure a traditional mortgage loan with a reputable lender
  • Guide you through the options process and advise on which upgrades are worth the investment
  • Advise you on the timing of your build, so that you can plan for the perfect time to put your current house on the market
  • Arrange for the inspection of your new construction
  • Answer all the questions regarding the different types and lengths of warranties, which all new construction homes require
  • Accompanying you on the final walkthrough 
  • Helping you manage the final closing costs, title fees, deed recording, insurance, taxes, and HOA fees and paperwork