After an entire year of staying home, everyone has become extremely familiar with their yard – for better or worse. In 2021, several landscaping trends are appearing in yards across the country, and they are definitely themed around making your life easier.

Outdoor Living Spaces
Turn your unused lawn into a living area with a stone surface, inviting greenery and potted flowers. With a garden gazebo or vine-covered structure, adding another “room” to your home couldn’t be easier.

Native Plants
A star in no-fuss gardens, native plants have already shown to be hearty in whatever the conditions and climate of your area. Find the low-stress favorites for your area and add splashes of color without adding all the work. 

Multi-season Plants
Green is not just for spring and summer anymore. With planning, you can put-together a mix of plants that bloom, flower, or produce their greenery in different seasons or all year long, to keep your garden continuously lovely.


Pollinator Gardens
Vegetable gardens are particularly on-trend – especially those that attract and encourage natural pollinators like bees, butterflies or hummingbirds. With the worldwide push to help fight climate change, a pollinator garden is the perfect choice for homeowners – even in front yards!

Low-maintenance Landscape
Instead of a lawn that needs a lot of upkeep in the warm months, homeowners are turning to hearty low-maintenance xeriscaping that requires very little work. Landscaping like this needs much less water, fertilizers, irrigation or pruning.